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Protect your home, pets, children & environment from insects, parasites and spiders with the power of nature.

Non Toxic Pest Control Van - Oklahoma

Powerful, Natural, eco friendly, pet friendly and non-toxic pest control

We want to stop insects and spiders before they get in and cause an infestation.

Natural Pest Control, Tulsa, OKLook out for our green and eco-friendly, natural pest control vehicle in Oklahoma. (click photo to enlarge)

Non Toxic Pest Control only offers non-toxic, natural and physical repairs to eliminate your pest control problems long term. We use bio-based alternatives to traditional, synthetic pesticides. Organic pest control, natural pest control & non-toxic pest control are 3 totally different things; this is not a perfect world. Nobody wants their home and yard coated with poisons that risk the health of us, our children and our pets. Our products are safer for newborns, nursing mothers and the environment.

Many pest control and exterminator companies claim that their products are green, organic, natural, safe and eco-friendly, whereas, by definition, their products are not natural and non toxic. Although we offer pest control exterminating services for many clients who do not care if it is natural or not, a large portion of our pest control clients claim that their pest control company lied to them about their products being natural. We have also acquired many clients who have never used a pest control company because they could not find one with 100% natural products. We offer a niche service. We are not here to upset the pest control industry or take over, rather, we specialize in assisting clients who want 100% natural pest control. For more information and facts on this subject, please visit our page titled Truth About Pesticides.

Fleas, ticks, ants, cockroaches, wasps & all others – gone, naturally

Playing with Flea Free Dog in ParkNon-toxic pest control solutions for fleas, ticks, ants, mice, rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, bat bugs, snakes, silverfish, wasps, other flying bugs and insects are finally here. The pests are more than just annoying; they can pose a threat to the health of your family, pets and property – but so can poisons used by most pest control companies, even many who claim to be “green and natural”. That’s exactly why non-toxic and eco-responsible pest control is so important.

We want to eliminate your pest control problem forever via the most cost effective, eco friendly, non-toxic, responsible and natural means available. We offer total pest control. There is usually more than one way to resolve a problem, so we give you all the options.

Total pest control, from start to finish

Cheerful Family with Flea Free CatIn most cases, if we are able to seal your house or business to prevent insect and rodent invasions, address pest attractants such as food, water and shelter, treat the exterior of your house and lawn, we do not need to visit your home or business more than four times a year.

Non Toxic Pest Control fixes the root of your pest control problem naturally, and the symptoms in a non-toxic manner. If you have a hole in your roof, you fix it to eliminate water leaking in. If you have mice, ants, wasps and snakes entering the home, would it not make sense to fix the holes they are entering through and address the pests’ food, water and shelter attractants rather than repeatedly spraying poison and throwing poison packs at the symptom?

Our proven, highly effective, natural approach follows simple steps:

Inspecting House for Pests

  • How are the pests entering your home? Perimeter pest control sealing to keep unwanted insects and pests out.
  • Why do pests like your property? Natural pest control via eliminating insect and pest food, water and shelter.
  • Perimeter, exterior of entire house & lawn pest control with natural, non toxic products to keep unwanted insects out.
  • Eliminate current insect infestations with non-toxic products and repel them in the future. Interior services to get insects out of your home.
  • Ornamental pest control for flowers, shrubs and trees with non-toxic products.
  • Nuisance animal removal, eviction and prevention.
  • Snake removal and prevention.
  • Armadillo and skunk removal and prevention.
  • Education. What can you do to avoid the problem in the future?
  • Service Plans or single property exclusions and treatments.
  • We offer single treatments without a maintenance plan. You do not need to be in a service plan contract if you do not want to be!
  • With a one-time, full property exclusion and pest treatment, we only envision needing to make quarterly treatments – if that.

Flexible Scheduling

Non Toxic Pest Control is happy to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. Interior work will typically be scheduled for 8AM-8PM Monday – Friday. We do not need clients to be on the property when we do the exterior work, which is where we want to stop the pests – before they get in! Most work we do for pest control is on the exterior of the building and in the yard.

Our mission is to greatly reduce and eliminate the need for us to enter your home or receive a request for service from you. We want long term pest control results for our clients.

Quoting prices over the phone

Inspecting the Exterior of a House for PestsEvery house and property pest control problem is unique. We cannot quote prices over the phone. Your Doctor cannot diagnose problems over the phone accurately, either. We are Pest Management Professionals who practice the authentic IPM approach, Integrated Pest Management, which is a long-term solution. We are not a “spray everything in sight with poison” pest control exterminator company. We want clients who want a non-toxic environment, who want their homes and businesses sealed and yards adjusted to eliminate problems naturally.

The left and right side of garage doors are the number one entry points for snakes, mice, rats, spiders, scorpions and other insects. Crawl space doors, crawl space vents, overhanging tree branches allowing spiders to do an aerial attack, wood piles on the ground or next to the building, leaf debris and brush piles, door and window seals, normal roof construction gaps, attic screens, brick weep holes, dry stack rock walls, standing water, holes in the house, exterior cob web removal and house washing… these are just a few of the items we must inspect in order to be able to do your pest control project right the first time. If you do not want to take care of your pest control problems and building problems in a natural, organic and non-toxic manner, including prevention from future problems, we suggest you call a pest exterminator company that uses more traditional methods.

We charge $100 for an inspection. Inspections typically take one hour or more. That money may be directly applied towards a fully accepted quote for 30 days. Most initial exclusion (building sealing) and initial pest control projects start at about $450 and go up from there. Once the house is sealed and the entire property has been treated, a price will be set for single visits or quarterly visits.

Our Mission

When hiring Non Toxic Pest Control for your pest management needs, the technician on your property ensures that you receive an environmentally responsible service. This style of service is frequently called integrated pest management (IPM). Non Toxic Pest Control standards go well beyond the requirements of traditional IPM. Our service includes:

  • The pest management professional will first inspect the property.
  • If a pest problem is found, we will first eliminate the sources of food, water and shelter that pests need to survive (this would include sealing cracks, installing screens, moving leaf debris, wood piles, standing water, drainage issues and other insect pest attractants).
  • If it is necessary to use a truly natural, non-toxic pesticide, we will use products in a manner that eliminates risk to people, pets or our environment.

Our goal is to change the actual environment of your home, business and property to make pests unwelcome while being careful to not harm beneficial insects.

Check out some great shots of our natural pest control service car.